The history of the original Czech Trdelník goes back to the 18th century. Back then the Hungarian Count Józef Gvadáni settled down, in the autumn of his life, close to today’s border of Czech Republic and Slovakia. His cook of that time, who originally came from Transilvania (region in today’s Romania) delighted the Count with a new delicious delicacy.

The Count’s excitement about that new delicacy arouse a lot of attention. Fastly, this delicious good became known very well on the today’s territory of Czech Republic and Slovakia. This was the beginning of the success story of Trdelník.

Over time Trdelník was very often baked and eaten on the day of Holy Georg. According to a Czech country saying especially on that mentioned day many snakes crawl out of holes in the ground. So it might be no wonder that Trdelník looks like a rolled up snake.