The brand Trdelník and our Philosophy


The brand Trdelník Shop
The brand Trdelník Shop includes the fresh-baked original Trdelník (not yet available in the online shop), which offers a fantastic taste with its traditional and unmistakable recipe, as well as further specialities other small stuffs from our company, all of which fulfil the same high demands with regard to taste and enjoyment.


Highest quality standards
No doubt – the customer satisfaction is very important for us. In this sense, we always want to offer the best products possible. The product line of sweet and other specialties of Trdelník is permanently being extended so that we can cover the needs of different customers.


Sustainability in many aspects
Regarding sustainability, we focus very much on the packaging materials and on the commodities, which are needed for baking or making sweets and cookies. We always try to reduce the use of plastic. If there is plastic in use then we rely on biodegradable plastic. In general, we focus on recyclable materials as good as possible. Referring to the commodities we are only using vegetarian or vegan materials. In the future, we will also take bio ingredients into account more and more. Consequently, we are always looking for convenient solutions to reduce our ecological footprint.


Promoting projects in East-Central and Southeast Europe

Not only do we focus on sustainability regarding environmental matters but we also have an eye on promoting projects in East-Central and Southeast Europe. The history of Trdelník is very much connected with a few countries in that mentioned region. Additionally, a deepening of social and economic cooperation with and within that region is near and dear to our heart. Therefore, for each sell, we donate a part of it to the non-profit organisation Forum für Mittelost- und Südosteuropa so that ideas and projects can be supported and promoted. For more information about the work of that forum, please check the following link: